Creative Guide Production by Young People

Creative Guide
production by young people

Young people will be working together during summer using facts, information and fun to produce a guide that will be launched during black history month.

Sewing Crafts for Young People

Sewing Crafts for
Young People

Have fun sewing and making things like drawstring backpacks and simple embroideries, etc.

Film production activities

Film Production

Learning the process of filmmaking including scriptwriting, shooting a film, acting, etc.


Girls With
A Vision

An Online personal development for young girls 8+ Fun Activities and learning about purpose and Vision board making

Fun With Money Matters


Fun ways of spending, saving and understanding money and business Trip to the financial world in Canary Wharf

Aim: To enable young people, to take charge of their finances (pocket money, accounts, etc.).

To deal with attitudes and values that shape people’s relationships to money

To help young people to communicate better around money issues and work through day to day issues like budgeting and debts.

To prepare them to handle finances effectively when they leave home, start college or university, or start living on their own.

Our Contestants

As part of  Young Creative and Empowered, the young people aged 8 -12 produced their second comic book during summer 2021. The theme “Our Community the way we see it” is looking at landmarks and different places in our community through their perspectives.

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Creative Writing
15 FEBRUARY 2021
16 FEBRUARY 2021
Money Matters
16 FEBRUARY 2021
Girls with a Vision
15 FEBRUARY 2021
Word Search game
17 FEBRUARY 2021
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